Hyperlocal platform design for jobsearch
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  • overview


    This was an off-beat project for us. Wift was a start-up that match makes the employer and employee based on skills set, compensation and preferred location. It aims to bring simplicity to the recruitment process for the employers and convenience of looking for a job for the job seeker.

  • brief


    Fractal Ink was entrusted to build his product ground up. We took on the responsibility of coming up with an apt name to creating its brand identity. We also shaped up the project by discovering the core jobs to be done by the consumers and the businesses. Deciding the main features and unique customer experience in the job hunting space.

  • challenge


    The right list of information gathering that helps in writing the right algorithms for creating recommendations was the biggest challenge. User behavior and their expectations and highest pain points were identified so we could provide solutions for solving for those. With the users becoming more and more tech saavy it was important to keep the convenience of searching at the heart of the solution.

  • strategy


    We adopted and went through each step of the design thinking process in order to be able to solve our problems from interviewing several current and potential users to research on current apps and global trends and to brainstorming with the team to come up with a host of ideas and then whittling it down to the optimum solution was the strategy we followed.

  • innovation


    The innovation in this project was all around. From a strong back end engine to power recommendations to the simplest interaction pattern to look for jobs. How can casual browsing do a serious job hunting task. Looking at the employers pain points and making the HR process simpler was another layer of innovation that was added. Screening in layers so that priority.

Match making the job seekers and employers

Match making the job seekers and employers

The regret of having recruited wrong or choosing the wrong job ends up in a lot of heart break and resource wastage. Our aim was to consider the softer aspects of job requirements and matching it with the core skillset of the employee to avoid mismatch of expectations.

An information-rich dashboard

An information-rich dashboard

We spent a lot of time thinking of and designing the dashboard for the app such that several pieces of critical information is available at a single glance an overview of where all a user has applied and status of each application

Easy skill based approach

Easy skill based approach

A person cant be excellent at more than 5 things. Asking the users to prioritize their skills in the proficiency level so the employers know the core strengths of the person rather than everything a person claims to be able to do on a resume.

Looking for a job

Looking for a job

Strong information architecture based on progressive disclosure of information. As easy as knowing the exact fit for the user. Company, compensation, skills required plus biggest of all location. This layered with the ability to dig deeper if level 1 criterion are met.



  • Objective onboarding

    A delightful and easy field selections to create your ideal profile. Eliminates the tedious process of creating resumes which is often a task and people take help on it so never a true reflection of ones true self. By making this objective people can be honest about what they input and not be under pressure of putting in a lot of information to make their resume look strong.

    Objective onboarding
  • Easy tracking and decision making

    Having the full control in your hand. Who has shortlisted you, who has rejected and what are the ideal matches, whom you have approached all stacked up in easy buckets for you to follow up.

    Easy tracking and decision making
  • Managing job postings

    Managing multiple roles, job openings at the a glance. Ease of a consolidated view of applicants and the stage they are at without having to shuffle through tons of mails. Pre- packaged selection so that he HR makes more efficient decisions.

    Managing job postings
  • Finding the ideal candidate

    Once all the fluff in the resume has been removed and it is more based on core strengths and interests of the candidate the tool does most of the work in recommending the right candidate. The HR does not have to go through tons of resumes, make notes, shortlist, call them, make notes of what they say etc.

    Finding the ideal candidate
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