A comprehensive app for the cars of tomorrow.
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    Mahindra is one of Indias established automotive brands and the E2O is its flagship electric vehicle. Mahindras long-term vision is to have electric versions of all its vehicles.

    This class of new-age vehicles provide an opportunity for owners to interact with their cars in new ways through a connected app. With technology that drives IoT advancing by the day, the possibilities for the functionality for this connected app are limitless.

  • brief


    Mahindra Electric s customers belong to the more evolved and aware set of people who are sensitive to and demand a great user experience in the interfaces they use. The existing version of the connected app left a lot to be desired in terms of features as well as design. Their brief to us was to design an app that was new age for the E2O today and would be scalable to accommodate other Mahindra cars tomorrow.

  • challenge


    The driver of an electric car faces challenges that are different from a car that consumes petrol. Charging stations are not plentiful and charging a car takes time. Understanding these unique problems, getting into the shoes of this type of user and providing information that helps to make the experience of driving an electric car as easy as possible was our biggest challenge.

  • strategy


    We adopted and went through each step of the design thinking process in order to be able to solve our problems from interviewing several current and potential users to research on current apps and global trends and to brainstorming with the team to come up with a host of ideas and then whittling it down to the optimum solution was the strategy we followed.

  • innovation


    The innovation in this app was mainly around the structuring the app for progressive disclosure. Deciding what data needs to be shown upfront and then how to lead the user to other information considering that the driver may use this app while driving the car needed careful thought. It led us to design the hierarchy of information and interactions in the app in a way that is intuitive and easy while being cutting edge.

Reimagining the automotive connected app

Reimagining the automotive connected app

Connected apps have been evolving to provide the user with a better experience and increased engagement. We designed this app with a host of extremely useful features that are unique to the electric car.

An information-rich dashboard

An information-rich dashboard

We spent a lot of time thinking of and designing the dashboard for the app such that several pieces of critical information is available at a single glance from the distance to the next charge to status of various aspects of the car

Intelligent Onboarding

Intelligent Onboarding

Onboarding journeys accommodated for a variety of scenarios - users who have multiple cars and needed to interact with them with a single app as well as scenarios where multiple people needed to interact with a single car.

A comprehensive App covering the user lifecycle

A comprehensive App covering the user lifecycle

Right from intelligent on-boarding to controlling various functions of the car, using the app to plan trips and search for charging stations to analytics that give you insights into the performance of the car, this app does it all!



  • Car Controls

    The app provides the facility to control physical dimensions of the car like locking or unlocking the car doors from wherever the owner is. The user can also set the cabin temperate of the car remotely. The owner is also able to check when the car was last connected and request a live status by connecting to the vehicle.

    Car Controls
  • Trip Planning

    Trip planning is a breeze with this new app as the user is able to check if the current charge will enable a trip by inputting the start point and destination. In case the battery is not charged enough the app is able to tell the user for how long the car will need to be charged. Since the app has integrated google maps, navigating through the trip is easy.

    Trip Planning
  • Charging/ Battery Control

    The app makes the drivers experience delightful by providing for

    • Ability to start and stop charging the car remotely

    • If the battery is drained, to give it a temporary boost to enable it to complete the trip

    • Ability to schedule battery charging

    • A vacation mode that prevents the battery from getting discharged

    Charging/ Battery Control
  • Assistance

    The app keeps in mind that emergency situations can crop up from time to time. It connects you with a 24 hour emergency toll free number for those times. The app also integrates with the With you Hamesha app to enable appointment bookings for servicing of the car as well as road side assistance.

  • Notification and Reminders

    A comprehensive list of scenarios in which the user needs to be alerted has been actioned

    • When the car is due for servicing

    • If the car develops any critical faults or problems

    • If the car gets towed away

    Notification and Reminders
  • Analytics

    While the analytics section gives regular automotive information like kms driven and kms driven in boost mode, daily, weekly monthly usage etc.; it also gives the user some unique information like the amount of money saved compared if the car ran on petrol, and the users contribution to the environment in terms of CO2 emission saved and its equivalent in the number of trees planted.

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