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  • overview


    Bajaj finserv Markets is a consolidated financial ecosystem for the low to middle market end consumer that is tired of running around to different service providers for different needs. It brings together services like loans, insurance, investments, payments and ecommerce under one roof and treat customer as one personalize, customize and solutionize for them the right product at their right moment of truth.

  • brief


    Fractal Ink was already working on multiple independent product journeys for Bajaj finserv. As a brief we had to consolidate all these journeys in a cohesive platform without disturbing the work flow and the underlying business process behind them. Different teams working in silos needed to be brought together to follow common themes and approach in a modular approach so the platform is scalable and yet can have plug and play functionality.

  • challenge


    Catering to users who are at varying life- stages with different requirements, for multiple financial products and hand holding them through the entire decision making was the key challenge.

    For us understanding of the offering, the role they play in meeting a users financial goals and the balance required between them in order to create effective solutions was the first step towards designing this complex portal.

  • strategy


    Extremely detailed user journeys for each type of product was worked upon. Hand-holding people through the ups and downs of their lives enabled us to work on an experience that would stay and grow with the user.

    We created a distinctive brand personality and brand language for the portal. Once this personality was created, we created guidelines that covered all aspects of experience design that was consistently applied across the portal to create a cohesive experience.

  • innovation


    Ensuring that complex information is understood, de-mystifying the horrors of the financial world and engaging the user and holding his interest were some of the key objectives of this design exercise.

    A highly illustrative style of design and real- life metaphors were used to explain concepts and familiar language that makes it easy for the users to relate to was used throughout the portal.

Leading to the independent Product journeys

Leading to the independent Product journeys

The cohesive layer of products lend its way to the independent journeys by following the UI/ UX structure for easy development but yet the already defined product journeys fit in seamlessly in the product defined component library.

Consistent look and feel but scalable functionality

Consistent look and feel but scalable functionality

For example, almost all financial products have a quick calculator. What varies the input, assumptions and the output parameters. To be able to define the look and feel for the calculator but keep the elements modular so it can accommodate flexibility and also builds a uniform pattern in the users mind.

Predictive approach to user intent

Predictive approach to user intent

Smart presets to give easy access to the user for what they might be looking for. This is user behavior based plus the overall app usage. Then as the user keeps filling in information the app registers the usage and prefills information in the subsequent places.

Optimizing user input fields

Optimizing user input fields

No matter which journey the user has taken on the website, once they have filled in one piece of information it will not be asked again. For example, if the user fills in mobile information in a loan quote journey and they move on to the insurance quote the mobile number will be prepopulated.



  • Transparency of Process

    Giving a detailed infographic led information and step by approach to letting the users be in control of the process. Easy to digest information at each level is the key. The most complex processes were broken down in sizeable pockets of information with a progressive disclosure mechanism.

    Transparency of Process
  • Clear and focused information

    Products being explained in a crisp and convenient way rather than a long text documents which people miss all the time. Key highlights being upfront.

    Clear and focused information
  • Component library

    As the product offerings were so diverse in nature it was difficult to find the balance between common element versus unique components. We first did an exercise mapping all the different elements and processes in all the verticals and made an extensive list of unique and reusable components.

    Component library
  • Designed to simplify

    Simplify experience, simplify journeys, simplify task flows, simplify business processes. An integrated omnichannel experience that ran across all customer touch points and spoke the common language.

    Designed to simplify
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