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  • overview


    Bajaj Finserv is one of the leading players in the financial services industry. They offer various financial aid in the form of loans and EMIs.

    Wanting to venture into new opportunities, they constantly work towards spreading their reach to consumers across India.

  • brief


    Having noticed an inclination towards EMIs as one of the primary payment choices, Bajaj wanted to launch an ecommerce web and mobile site which lets customers purchase products at quicker EMI approvals.

    The Bajaj EMI Store is the first of its kind and has never been done before. They approached Fractal Ink with the challenge of building the entire ecosystem for the EMI store.

  • challenge


    Being a pioneer comes with its own set of challenges. Since it is the first of its kind, planning the journeys from onboarding to making of payment was quite the task.

    With no references from competitors, this project required a comprehensive research team to understand the usability and perception in the users mind.

  • strategy


    This project was approached in two phases. The first phase focussed in narrowing down the capabilities and the goals of the website to define its exact purpose. This involved multiple brainstorming sessions and affinity mapping which led to creation of multiple journeys.

    The second phase focussed on the overall approach of the website to ensure the creation and execution of impactful user journeys.

  • innovation


    It was all about making life simple . Taking the core proposition of an ecommerce site that is primarily offering quicker EMI approvals, we wanted to create a platform that piques the interests of our target consumers.

    We took various design elements to create the journeys that could lead to a high conversion rate.

Combining eCommerce with EMI

Combining eCommerce with EMI

The EMI store was created to let users purchase technological devices on an EMI from multiple options. With hassle-free financing options, you can choose Bajaj Finance for anything, from mobile phone loans to home theatre system loans using this online platform.

Maintaining a Dynamic Design Direction

Maintaining a Dynamic Design Direction

We designed the app to be dynamic and relevant to the right audience. We constructed a flow that is in line with the users thought process, thereby leading it to conversion. The best part is that when users get their purchase financed by the platform, they get benefit of no documentation, instant approval, instant delivery and pre-approved offers.

Building a Responsive Website

Building a Responsive Website

The Fractal Team believes that a mobile first approach can go a long way. Whether it is website, mobile site, or app, we design it to be responsive.

Experimenting with Brand Guidelines

Experimenting with Brand Guidelines

There is a misconception that brand guidelines act as an obstruction to design when in reality, the concept of design is too broad to be constrained by a few limitations. The Fractal team took the brand guidelines and used it in the best possible manner to create designs and interactions that engage with the users.

Breaking Down User Preferences

Breaking Down User Preferences

We wanted to take the users priorities and bring them upfront in our design. We brought out four main choice factors on the home page so that the users can find what they need based on their priorities.



  • Usage ofDynamic Down Payment

    We added a dynamic down payment option at the end of the journey so that the user could purchase multiple products and make alternative payments in cash or cards at the time of the delivery. This helped reduce drop-offs at the time of payment.

    Usage of<span class='cm-line-break'>Dynamic Down Payment</span>
  • Introducing a HyperlocalModel in the Website

    The website was programmed to understand the location of the user to automatically adjust to their pincode, bringing up the best offers to them based on their location.

    Introducing a Hyperlocal<span class='cm-line-break'>Model in the Website</span>
  • Different Categories,Different Layouts

    We ensured that every product category had a different layout so that there is a subconscious connection made by the users and a learning pattern is created through the journeys.

    Different Categories,<span class='cm-line-break'>Different Layouts</span>
  • Delivering aRich Visual Experience

    The Fractal team believes that while catering to the needs of the user is very important, creating a visual experience is highly essential to build a high recognition and recall for any online platform so that the brand can stand out through their well defined identity.

    Delivering a<span class='cm-line-break'>Rich Visual Experience</span>
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